We envision an educated, healthy, equitable, socio economically empowered, prosperous and environmentally sustainable society.


We are committed to work for socio economic empowerment of marginalized and underprivileged communities through social mobilization, self-sustaining initiatives, capacity building and rights based advocacy.


  • Promote human rights of women, children, youth and minorities and seek policy changes for equal rights through advocacy, research and information dissemination.
  • Reduce poverty by enhancing economic empowerment of marginalized communities especially women and youth through skills, education, livelihood programs and enterprise development.
  • Promote quality education through formal and non-formal learning programs.
  • To enable accessibility of disadvantaged communities to health, water and sanitation
  • Promote sustainable agriculture and natural resource management through introduction of  innovative and environmentally sustainable agricultural practices
  • Respond to humanitarian emergencies by helping people cope with crisis, through disaster risk reduction, emergency relief, preparedness and post-crisis recovery.

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