Brick Kilns Project-NSP (Punjab Education Foundation

Sanjh Foundation has been awarded by 09 formal basic education schools in the district Muzaffargarh where the children working at Brick Kilns are enrolled. These schools are near to Brick Kilns. Sanjh Foundation is providing free and quality education to these learners. There are more than 1450 children getting their free and compulsory education in these schools and there are 45 teachers that are providing them quality education. In first academic session, 35 children were pass out. The schools are regular visited by Sannjh Foundation team and PEF personnel’s. The basic purpose of the program is to provide free education to poor families children where institutions are not working and to improve the literacy rate.

Volunteers for Peace Building

In collaboration with Azm-e-Pakistan initiative, Sanjh Foundation implemented an activity “Volunteers for Peace Building” in 12 union councils of Multan District and trained 803 youth peace volunteers including female on Peace Building and Interfaith Harmony. These youth groups further implemented 216 social action plans in their respective community and aware more than 7484 people on CVE. Through these SAPs many social issues solved like; disputes between communities, families, resetting quarrelling, Hate, discouragement, etc. Safe Charity was ensure by the community, promote interfaith harmony and arranges positive activities for youth to prevent them by joining extremism activities.

Basic Education Community Schools Project

Sanjh Foundation has been awarded by 23 basic education community schools in the district Muzaffargarh to monitor the centers and teachers as well, provided books and stationeries etc and maintain the actual records. The basic purpose of the program is to provide free education to poor families children where institutions are not working and to improve the literacy rate.

Amn Virsa (Legacy of Peace)

Sanjh Foundation was awarded an activity “Amn Virsa (Legacy of Peace)” to revive the peaceful culture in the society and to support district government to keep peace in society and to organize social events at district level. Through this activity 5361 people were engaged including 4827 male and 534 female and benefited directly through these events. The actual target beneficiaries were 5000 and we achieved the target as over achievement.

Overall, it was very good event in the history of Muzaffargarh with huge participation of all sects of people including minority, District Government, Political and Religious parties that was revealing the sign of peace and their commitments to maintain the peace in society.

Strengthening Peace Volunteer for effective Implementation of NAP

To implement the National Action Plan, an activity was designed by Sanjh Foundation that was supported by Creative Associates under Umeed Jawan project. In this project 360 youth peace volunteers were trained on peace manual developed by Sanjh Foundation. The main objective of the activity was to create social awareness amongst youth and community on National Action Plan. After the training session, youth were supported to implement Social Action Plans at community level. Peace meetings, Seminars, Peace Dialogues, Experience Sharing Workshops and intra district visits of stakeholders were carried out during the course of the project period.

Construction of Girls Middle School

Embassy of JAPAN in Pakistan assisted Sanjh Foundation for the Construction of Sanjh Foundation Girls Primary & Middle School Dinpur Muzaffargarh under Grass-root Assistance Program. The school is now equipped and more than 400 children are getting their free and compulsory education. The School has been affiliated with Punjab Education Foundation-Government of Punjab and has been sustained. Enrolment campaigns are carried out twice a year by the Sanjh Foundation, Free & Quality Education is ensured along with monthly supervision and learners assessments.

Strengthening Leadership skills in Youth for Peace Building & Social Harmony

Sanjh Foundation in collaboration with College Youth of Activism & Development (CYAAD) implemented a project for strengthening leadership skill in Youth for Peace Building and Social Harmony in District Muzaffargarh. Sanjh Foundation identified, selected and trained 480 youth peace leaders. These youth were trained on leadership skills, conflict resolution, patience, peace and social harmony. Further we framed District level Youth Amn Force to maintain peace in the society and to support district government in this perspective.

Mental Health & Development model

Basic Needs-Pakistan and National Bank of Pakistan supported Sanjh Foundation for free health camps at district specifically on Mental Health Development. A detailed situation analysis was done and reports were distributed amongst stakeholders and district government. Community meetings, free health camps, trainings of health cares were conducted in which Mental Health Model developed by Basic Needs was introduced.

Child Rights Activities

CRAN is a coalition of civil society organizations in district Muzaffargarh created to Raise awareness about child rights and child protection, independently monitor child rights situation and to make government accountable to fulfill child rights.

Sanjh is playing a leading role in District Muzaffargarh for Child Rights Advocacy Network; a component of “CHAON” Project by Save the Children focusing Health, Education, Child Protection and Livelihood. CRAN has 54 active members’ organizations. Through the platform of Child Rights Network Muzaffargarh, it has celebrated a grand one day seminar on Universal Children Day and also has completed the Child Rights Situation Analysis survey throughout the District Muzaffargarh each year. Designed Advocacy campaigns and implemented throughout the district and applied child rights monitoring tool kit in the District.

  • Conduct Child Rights Situation Analysis in 93 union councils of Muzaffargarh
  • Developed and implement action plan advocacy
  • Implement Child Rights Monitoring Tool Kit all over the district
  • Conduct Monthly regular coordination and progress review meetings
  • Celebrated “A day against child labor” and “Global Action Week”
  • Sensitized business associations to improve working conditions for working children
  • Activate District Health Management Team and arranged meetings regularly
  • Meeting with District Government for activation of DCCWD and DVCs
  • Celebration of “Universal Children Day”
  • Established Informational Referral Centre (IRC)
  • Advocacy with NADRA  and established separate B-Form counter in Muzaffargarh
  • Coordination with ombudsman
  • Formed District Child Organization under CRAN with 50 child members from all 93 union councils of Muzaffargarh
  • Advocacy with Finance & Planning Department for Child Focused Budget and increased child focused budget of Social Welfare, Health & Education perspectives.
  • Involvement of media in child sensitive reporting
  •  Highlighted cases in media and responded
  • Support to develop district health & education development plans
  • Waived off late birth registration fee of PKR 500/- through advocacy with provincial local government all over the Punjab.
  • Small organizations are linked with other support organization
  • Link with Provincial and National Child Rights Movement
  • Developed IEC material and being launching Website and News Letter of CRAN and District Child Organization soon

We have solved 8955 cases out of 11597 child protection cases through advocacy; link up with different child actors and line departments.

Creating Safer District for Women (We Can EVAW-International Alert)

Clear strategies are being adapted for collective and timely actions after having better understanding of the women issues on women safety audit, peace and care economy analysis have been done, along with the training of champions.

All the activities has been designed and conducted in accordance with cultural sensitivity and values.  Series of trainings for 2500 champions, 10,000 study circles, and 04 Mobilization strategy development workshops, 08 Women conventions with 300 participants, 05 community exchange visits and 02 Media Hearings at Provincial level will be done to create safer district for women.

Women Empowerment through Livestock

Sanjh Foundation worked with SPO Multan in Women Empowerment Program through livestock. It was a great initiative by both of the organization to improve the living standard of women at village level. Through this intervention Sanjh covered the union council Jaggatpur.

The main objective of the program was to enhance and to empower the women of union council Jaggatpur, All the villages and sub-villages were target and 20 women groups were formed comprising on 30 women in each group of different families which eventually benefitted 600 families and all the groups were trained for livestock and were provided by sheep and goats.

Establishments primarily engaged in breeding, hatching, and raising poultry for meat or egg production. Establishments primarily engaged in raising sheep, lambs, and goats, or feeding lambs for fattening.

Women Skill Centre

Running a skill center with the support of Social Welfare, Sanjh and Community, 25 women biannual bases are beneficiary, Established in Basti Chenab Town near Alipur Bypass Muzaffargarh.

Kisan Etihad Committees

Sanjh (Self Help initiative) established 20 Kisan Itehad Committees in Union Council Jaggatpur comprising on 25 Kisan (Male and Female) thus 500 families were the beneficiaries. The committees were formed for their capacity building and for their rights and to make government accountable for their initial rights such as Water, Seeds and Pesticides issues. These committees are working very well in their respective areas

Lapa-Micro Project

Sanjh is working on climate change through its project namely Local Adaptation Plan of Action in the title of “Cleanliness and construction of salinity drains to reduce the monsoon effects in district Muzaffargarh”. Through this project Sanjh has target 50 farmers including agriculture and irrigation departments and is ensuring cleanliness and construction of salinity drains in the field through farmers and government department and will grow plantation on the edges of salinity drains. Awareness about local climate change (rains & floods) warning system, trainings on innovative growing seeds methods and competitions amongst farmers are also being provided.

Children & Community Awareness on Environment Protection

Sanjh Foundation increased awareness on environment protection amongst children and community through walks, seminars, stakeholders meetings and interactive theatres performances on environmental issues, 300 x plantations in the schools and hospitals of Muzaffargarh, reduced air pollution and increase healthy environment and awareness campaign on Key Messages dissemination on cables and News Papers.

Monitoring On Land Use and Governance

Through this project Sanjh Foundation is collecting data about land use and land governance, compiling information using provided indicators which were trained in the Capacity Building workshop, Prepare and submit to SCOPE the draft of the district land use and land governance profile on prescribed form provide by SCOPE, Send at least weekly updates and other knowledge related to land and monitoring, to SCOPE, via e-mail, focusing on indicators in the monitoring framework.

Free Medical Camps

Various Medical Camps has been organized in different localities.  Camps were mainly focused on Maternity and Child Health.  Health facilities were also given for Family Planning. These Camps were imparting Health Care facilities to 6000 to7000 patients per year. Qualified Doctors and Paramedical give their services. These Health Care Camps were also playing a vital role to combat the problem of Population Growth by providing the Family Planning Services. Another prominent feature of these Medical Camps that it arranges Free Medical Camps including TB Camp, Eye camp, and Vaccination Camps etc. and Famous Medical Specialists render their services to the rural areas of Muzaffargarh without any charges.

Muslim Community Model School

Focusing Children Rights and Child Protection, Community and Sanjh Foundation Chah Toley Walla Mouza Din Pur Tehsil and District Muzaffargarh established Muslim Community Model School that is educating the students free of cost. Besides free education, books and uniforms are also provided to needy and poor students without any charges. This institute has been smoothly under operation for the last Seven years under the management of Sanjh Foundation. Hundreds of students have achieved the merits. Mainly this school has focused the education of female of the community and also appointed female staff to help them to improve their standard of living.  In 2007 TVO Multan had funded Sanjh Foundation to renovate the school building to strengthen the project and its goal.

Resource Center

Sanjh Foundation is running a Resource Centre, which provides different types training and information to the staff members, teachers and members of the partner organization. It has all types of training material and informative catalogue for child protection and their rights. Sanjh Foundation is working for women rights, child protection, peace building and farmers right through conducting different seminars, walks and workshops. From the respect of these programs it provides awareness from 3500 to 3800 annually.


Sanjh Foundation has also the honor to work as partner and lead NGO at District Muzaffargarh with SAP-PK in“WE CAN “Oxfam-GB Campaign for the community awareness programs for the betterment of Women Rights and to end all kind of violence against women. As ‘ Honor Killing ‘, ‘ Watta Satta ‘, ‘Wanni ‘, ‘Karo Kari ‘, Domestic Violence against Women, Seminars, Street Walks, focus group discussion and Meeting are held regularly in a month to reduce all types of violence against women. It is still continued with its network. In this honor, we have visited Dhaka and India with Oxfam GB and also join South Asia Alliance Meeting in Dhaka. This campaign is focused on deepening the change in the attitude of community against Domestic Violence.  In this regard we have registered 46000 Change Makers and established “WE CAN CAMPAIGN SECreTARIAT” in District Muzaffargarh.

 “We Can” Evaw

Sanjh Foundation is also working as lead NGO with its network in “WE CAN” at District Muzaffargarh. It facilitates and arranges all activities including Seminars, Training of Change Makers and Walks.

Sanjh Foundation is working with SAP Pakistan as Provincial Ally in the program of “WE CAN” end violence against women working in Govt. Girls Primary School of Jaggatpur, Garey Wahin and Thatha Qureshi, Formed children clubs and Organized sessions with SMCs, Teachers and Community.

Activities are awareness and training based at Village, Tehsil and District level. Provide awareness regarding violence and target Groups are Religious influential individual, Politician, Lawyers, Journalists, Writers Teachers, and Social Development Representatives etc. Generate awareness regarding the harms of violence against women among children, women and celebration of 16 Day Activism with in District Muzaffargarh.

 “We Can” Top Project (Sap-Pk)

Clear strategies are being adapted for collective and timely actions  after having better understanding of the women issues in emergencies like in recent floods, Change makers are organizing monthly study circles in each group  and 16 days of activism  has been celebrated, 10 schools in the targeted areas are violence free through change in beliefs and practices, Children clubs are organizing activities in their schools (Sessions on Violence, debate competition, poster competition),  Meetings with District Administration and SMC in each school and Communities in  districts become socially disapprove VAW and become engaged with the campaign through the use of mass media and communication. Through this intervention Sanjh strengthened 36 women and men groups in each Ucs and conducted awareness sessions on women rights, study circle, abuses, early marriages, domestic violence, decision making and human right violation (7200 beneficiaries). Linkup with other organizations, women rights networks, provided legal, economic enhancement, women active participation in political aspects

Engendering Change

In the engendering change project we established District Watch Group, Awareness raising  of own organization, other 5 CBOs and 1 network about code of conduct  under the protection ACT 2010, Awareness raising about the ACT 2010 to village level change maker groups, Awareness raising sessions, study circles, seminars and events  conducted in 5 model  schools and Meetings  with school administration, parent & teachers associations, and school management committees for compliance with the protection act 2010.

Right to Education

Formation of children club and orientate them by following Activities; Essay competition writing, Quiz competition, poster making, Theatre, Music and community service,  Mobilizing and engaging parents, teachers, children and wider communities and civil societies for petitioning/class action through street theatres, puppet shows, walks, rallies, seminars at UC, Tehsil and district levels. The achievement of Engendering Change is formed and strengthened 10 child clubs in 10 selected schools, painting/poster and speech competition are held regularly to improve girls and quality education. Parent Teacher Association, Community and School Management Committees are involved during activities. Promote out of school going enrolment, girls education, Protect child rights, empower children, highlight issues of violence against women & understanding about violence.

Emergency Relief

Muzaffargarh is situated in between the river Chenab and Indus. Its rural area affected by flood every year. Sanjh Foundation also step forward to give help in the flood affected area every year and more than 500 families get benefit in the form of Medicine, Live Stock Vaccination, Clothes and Food etc.

  • In emergency response Sanjh Foundation worked in Muzaffargarh flood affected area to providing them WASH facility, providing them Hygiene Kits and 4 Jerry Canes to each family of target UCs covering 3500 family and has been recovered with the collaboration of Response International UK in Tehsil Alipur flooded area to provide them basic needs (Water Tanks, Aqua tabs, Hygiene kits, jerry canes)
  • Sanjh Foundation has worked in flooded area of Tehsil Muzaffargarh in WASH program with collaboration of SAP-PK and IMC and has distributed 4200 Hygiene Kits and Health & Hygiene Sessions in 4200 families of UC Kharrak, Jaggatpur, Garey Wahin and Mahmoud Kot and also provided them Re-Supply of Hygiene Kits. 16800 Jerry Canes of 20ltrs has been also delivered to these families (4/family)
  • Sanjh Foundation has worked with the collaboration of Response International UK, in Tehsil Alipur District Muzaffargarh on ERF-WASH Project and distributed 3500 Hygiene Kits, Pure Water, Water Tank of 1500 Galen, 20ltr Jerry Canes, Dust Bins and Health and Hygiene awareness sessions in UCs Sultanpur, Seetpur, Lugarwah and Khan Garh Doama.
  • In Tehsil Taunsa District Dera Ghazi Khan with the collaboration of Response International UK, Sanjh has worked in UCs Nari, Tibi Qaisrani, Mor Jhangi and Nutkani by providing them 350 Latrines, 175 Hand pumps and 3500 Hygiene Kits, Pure Water, Water Tank of 1500 Galen, 20ltr Jerry Canes, Dust Bins and Health and Hygiene awareness sessions for ERF-WASH Project.
  • 2700 families have been facilitated by providing them 2700 Hygiene Kits, 20ltr Jerry Canes, Water Tanks of 150ltr/family, Aqua Tabs, 180 Latrines and 135 Hand pumps in UCs Nari, Tibi Qaisrani, Mor Jhangi and Nutkani in Tehsil Taunsa District DG Khan with the collaboration of Response International-UK for Concern World Wide-Project

These distributions were particularly focusing Women, Children and old age persons

Strengthening Local Government and Community Empowerment

Sanjh Foundation has worked with DTCE Islamabad in the Project of PCM at District Muzaffargarh as IME at Two Tehsil, i.e. Alipur and Jatoi. It has worked and assisted DTCE in establishing CCBs in the whole District for their capacity building.

Sanjh Foundation Muzaffargarh has formed 40 “Local Council Associations” in Tehsil Jatoi and Muzaffargarh for “Jiway Pakistan, Jiway Maqami Hakumat” tehrik to rehabilitate and strengthening local government system by the support of DTCE and UNDP.

Sanjh has collected the Data of All CCBs that are working in Tehsil Muzaffargarh for establishing CCB Network and to utilized allocated funds at Tehsil & District level for CCBs. Task have been achieved successfully.

Sanjh worked in Flood affected union councils of Muzaffargarh and Kot Addu by DTCE. It was training and Awareness based project for effected communities in which community  assisted to any kind of documentation by the Union Councils Secretary ie; NIC registration, Death certificate, B-Form, Marriage certificate and Domicile etc. Union Secretary will facilitate the community free of cost and will be responsible for the documentation of community that has been washed away during flood.

Sanjh Foundation has been awarded by newly project “Project Cycle Management” by DTCE in District Muzaffargarh. It is training based project to strengthening Citizen Community Organizations in which they will be assisted for proposal writing of CCB’s Projects. 80 projects have been approved upon different sectors.

Sanjh has been newly awarded by monitoring of CCBs’ Project in District Muzaffargarh and covering 40 union councils and 80 projects on different sectors and sub-sectors through the partnership of Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment (DTCE and UNDP).

Child Centered Disaster Risk Reduction and Safer Schools

Sanjh has been awarded by Rural Development Policy Institute for DRR in Muzaffargarh. Sanjh has formed 5 Village organization and 5 Child Youth Groups in Union Council Thatha Qureshi and Jaggat Pur. Trainings for Disaster Risk Management have been completely delivered to Village Organizations and CYGs.

Prepared Village Development Plan for each VO, Prepared Village Contingency Plan for each village and Support each village organization by providing them Boats, Construction of Culverts and Safety blockade at river. (Band ki tameer)

6 Government Primary Schools has been selected in the target area for Safer School Program, formed child clubs, delivered DRR trainings, mock drills exercises and prepared Disaster Risk Reduction plans for the said schools and delivered First Aid trainings and distribute First aid Kits to these schools.

Pakistan Settlement Flood Recovery Project

Pakistan Settlement Flood Recovery Project has been completed with the collaboration of Un-Habitat in Basti Kumhar Wala, Union Council Ghazanfar Garh. 88 One Room Shelters, 88 Latrines along with health and hygiene promotion sessions and a brick soling of 3350ft has been constructed successfully under this project.

Empowering Voice of New Generation

Sanjh is organizing some creative workshops and trainings to empowering the Voice of New Generation in District Muzaffargarh with the support of Civil Society Support Organization. VNG is consist of 5 Master Trainer, 30 Trainers and 90 Volunteers

Sanjh Foundation Organized and replicate 3 days quarterly basis trainings on

i) Democratic History, Philosophy and Processes

ii) Right-based Approaches to Activism

iii) Socio-economic and Political Analysis of Pakistan

iv)  Advocacy and Networking Skills

As a result;

1) Youth leadership developed at local level

2) Youth are familiarized on their rights

3) Youth voice is being heard at local, provincial and national level

4) Youth are mobilized for advocacy campaigns on relevant youth issues

Awaz Voice and Accountability Program

Sanjh has been awarded by SPO for Awaz Voice and Accountability Program in 04 union councils (Bhutapur, Jaggatpur, and Garey Wahin & Shah Jamal) of Muzaffargarh on Conflict Management & Peace Promotion, Women Participation in Political Process and Social Issues. Formed 40 village committees with gender balance and is managing Awaz District Group to promote peace and local governance especially women leadership in political processes and jointly struggle to cope conflict arising at village, union council and district level and capacity building of citizens to make government accountable in service delivery, to promote peace and conflict management. Awareness and capacity building trainings of women for participation in political processes and to choose right candidates at constituency level.

Education Missing Facility Project

Sanjh Foundation worked with the Collaboration of SPO Multan in the Program of Advocacy (Environmental, Human Rights, Health & Education) and has worked on Provision of Missing Facility (11 Girls Primary Schools) for Education Monitoring program in UC Jaggatpur.

Adult Literacy Program

Sanjh Foundation has the privilege to work as Partner Organization of National Commission for Human Development. Organization conducted a need assessment survey with the co-ordination of NCHD to be aware of available resources and problems of the target area. Sanjh Foundation focuses on Women Adult Literacy, which is dire need of this area. The target group was of 14 to 39 years old women. Through this project from 2003 to2005, Sanjh Foundation has literate in the case of Phase of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.In each phase, there are 50 centers for women. Sanjh Foundation worked in rural and urban areas of the District Muzaffargarh. Sanjh Foundation worked and launched 250Adult Women Centre where one class is consists of 25 to 30 learners and total beneficiaries are 7000.

With the reference of the above-mentioned activities, Sanjh Foundation is the first NGO of the District Muzaffargarh, which took initiative for Adult Literacy for Women. Before launching the centres in target area, there were so many problems like social restriction for female education, poverty, poor infrastructure, feudal system, lack of collective efforts, negligence of Government and sectarian violence were the main threats. But true mobilization, repute building and community preferences was the main strategy of Sanjh Foundation to start a successful experience of Adult Education in remote areas. Trained and committed community mobilizers were key point to continue this process. These mobilizers conducted consultation meetings with community and assess their problems and resources. Education community needs enhanced community contribution in literacy promotion. Community provided common places and local teachers for Adult Literacy Centers.